Not only is Aerial great fun but classes help build a physical strength, stamina, balance, and coordination as well as performance skills and Choreography Skills.

During classes students work also work on flexibility and learn how to defy gravity while making amazing shapes in the air. Encouragement is always given!


Our Instructors Charlotte & Chloe are always there to give you lots of help in class! Students will receive an introduction to Zapphire Aerial Arts, Health & Safety, Warm Up, Conditioning, Cool Down and Floor Choreography.


Students will start to build a foundational understanding of a wide range of acro and aerial skills with the basic levels of the core subject. Students will get straight on the A-frame on day 1!


During the term, students will expand their knowledge on the A frame & Aerial Sling/Hoop. Coaches will move on to Choreograph a small routine with students, each working on their own individual movements and talents. Students love the opportunity to show us what they can do. Students will work towards developing a solo act in this specialism as well as working on group work. This will be performed at the end of the term.

Classes take Place 

Tuesday's 5.45pm-6.45pm (Redhill)

Tuesday's 6.45pm-7.45pm (Redhill

Saturday's TBC

(Please contact us for further info)


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