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You'll always remember the moment you take your  baby to their first Music, Sensory & Movement class

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'Baby Zapphire'  is all about introducing babies to music and having fun exploring sensory and movement together in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

It's a chance for mummies to meet other mummies, for dads to take the lead in a class, for babies to socialised and where mums can also support one another. 

30-minute classes are full of excitement with a huge variety of props including puppets, parachutes, pom poms, bubbles, scarves, teddies, scarves, musical instruments and lots of singing!

Props bags can be purchased for £10 at your first class. This is yours to keep and bring along each week.

 We sing nursery rhymes, counting songs, finger-play rhymes, knee bouncers and action songs. Sessions are great for developing confidence, co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills, early literacy, numeracy, speech and language, independence and social skills.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and I look forward to welcoming you and your baby to my classes.

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Hello, my name is Charlotte and I would like to welcome you to Zapphire School of Dance! Thank you for your interest in my 'Zapphire Baby' Classes!


 I am a proud mum to my two beautiful children Aria and Finley who have just turned 8 months old.

During COVID 19, I was and still am a self employed first time mum to twins and cannot begin to tell you how frustrating it was throughout my maternity and over lockdown not socialising with other mums or introducing my babies to music & movement classes. 

I took a look at my timetable after Christmas and began to take all my years experience as a dance and music teacher and decided to begin this new chapter at Zapphire School of Dance - 'Baby Zapphire'.

Saturday's 9am-9.30am

6 Week Classes

April 17th - 22nd May


6 Week Classes

June 5th - 10th July 



12 week Classes

April 17th-10th July 


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