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Starting from age 18 months

Classes take place in our studio and in schools around Surrey.

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Ballet & Tap & Disco

Students already enrolled in our Tutu Ballet & Dinky Disco classes can move up to our Pre-Primary Ballet and Tap classes from the age of 3 years. 

Ballet & Tap classes can be taken individually or as a combination, which seems to be more popular at our school as the classes are back to back. 

​We still keep the magic alive in our Pre-Primary classes where learning is always fun and creativity is always encouraged. We understand that at this age children are forever changing their minds, so we have put together a combined Ballet and Tap class which has been extremely successful at the school. Classes can also be taken individually.


Our Primary class Introduces students to the basic fundamentals of dance and the ISTD Syllabus. We encourage girls and boys to work on their dancing in a fun and a nurturing environment. Students can also take exams and receive awards with the International Rewards Scheme yearly. 

Our classes involve barre work where we teach a number of exercises to improve posture, increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility. The second half of the class takes part in the centre, focusing on control and mastering the basic steps of ballet. We always finish the class with a fun exercise using some familiar props to add to the imagination and creativity of the class. Students can receive certificates and awards for good attendance and improvement.

 Students can work at their own pace but if anyone starts finding this class too easy then they can move up to a more advanced class.

Our Level Ballet and Tap classes like all the other ballet classes includes a warm-up, barre work, centre work and a cool down. Entirely new exercises are created every class to ensure everyone is constantly challenged to try something different. Our Ballet and Tap classes can be taken for examinational purpose and as a hobby. We never pressure students to take exams as all teachers want the students to have fun and enjoy their weekly class without any added pressure. 


Music theory is also introduced helping with rhythm, co-ordination and timing. Students are taught the ballet curriculum with the (ISTD) Although at this age the focus is on enjoyment, making friends and gaining an understanding and appreciation for dance. After all, dance is to be enjoyed!

At Zapphire, a lot of young children really enjoy Tap Dancing and trying out a different style of dance. Although concentrating on the rhythms for a long period of time is quite challenging for younger children, the fun, fast paced catchy music is always a great hit with our dancers. To offer more flexible and low cost classes, most of our classes combine Tap and Ballet, so the children get a taste of both.  If when they are older, they decide to keep it up, they can continue in separate classes, and go further, exploring faster and more complex rhythms.

Children who enjoy fast paced dancing and often love to jig about, our Disco classes are a great introduction before your child can join our Street Dance, Cheer & Commercial Classes. 

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