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We’re dedicated to finding the best class for you. 

Please click below to find more information on our classes at Zapphire School of Dance 

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Click below to find our more about our classes at Zapphire 


At Zapphire, we like to award our students with a certificate at the end of each term. We believe this is a great way to celebrate their achievements and to keep them engaged and motivated in their classes. 

 In addition to this we also offer IDR Awards. All students can take qualify for these after second term with us. Children receive a certificate and badge and progress through the levels. A Graduation Award is awarded when moving up a class. 

After every class, our instructors give our younger children a sticker at the end of each class and a big high five!


We have a laminated attendance chart which our older students follow, earning prizes to recognise the number of classes that they have attended. 

Most recently we have also introduced our 'Squishy System' Where Ballet and Tap students can win a squishy for the best uniform and hair in ballet. 

Miss Maria also introduced the BINGO game in ballet...but we won't spoil the surprise on this one just yet!



At Zapphire, we do not like to pressure our students to take exams. We like our students to be free to express themselves and allow them to consider their tuition with us a safe and exciting experience they can be a part of without any worries or added pressure. However, exams can still be taken at Zapphire.


We follow the Grade/Level and Medal Test syllabus of the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA)  & Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing (ISTD).

Our Syllabus for Cheerleading is with the UKCA and IDTA and our Aerial Classes are supported by the 'Spin City' Syllabus. 

Singing Students follow the Association Board Royal School of Music and London College of Music. Children can gain UCAS points as they progress through their singing exams. 

Like our dancers, singing students also have the option to 

 participate in Festivals, events and performances throughout the year. 


At Zapphire, we feel that all children should be given the 

opportunity to showcase their work on a regular basis to parents and friends. 


At the end of each term we run a 'Watching Week', where parents & friends can join us and watch a class. Students are awarded their certificates and we celebrate any awards or news we have before the end of the term. 


 Performing and presenting their work to an audience can be exciting. We find that our watching week helps boost self esteem and confidence in our students. 


Students take part in theatre shows at The Harlequin Theatre in Redhill and some of older students  perform at local fairs, events and fundraising shows locally.. 


At Zapphire, most importantly, we like our students to make happy memories and life long friends whilst enjoying a rewarding and fun dance school.


Come along and join our Zapphire Family. 

We can't wait to meet you!

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