Classes for under 5 years are our most popular classes at the school. We run these classes at our studio and various schools in Surrey and West Sussex.

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Tutu Ballet & Tutu Tap

Children from the age of 18 months can join our Tutu Ballet classes at Zapphire.

Skills our young dancers develop with us include confidence, coordination, Imagination & creativity - Whether their favourite part of class is to gallop like a unicorn or to zoom to the moon on a rocket ship, Our young students are free to express their unique style of dance and movement in our classes with wonderful, enthusiastic, and talented teachers. 

Our Tutu Ballet classes are full of fun – using imaginative and creative movement to provide an exciting way of discovering dance. Our action-packed classes teaches young children the basic ballet terminology and steps. Popular imaginary choreography & stories capture the attention of our little dancers. Each student can learn the fundamentals of ballet in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

In both Tutu Ballet, our enthusiastic teachers use props such as ribbons, wings, fairy wands, scarves, soft toys and bubbles to encourage the use of imagination and creativity. Each class begins with students sitting in a circle for a warm up and together we begin to step into the wonderful world of dance and imagination. 

Children from the age of 3 years can join our Tutu Tap Classes. 

In Tutu Tap, Boys and girls will love hearing the sounds of their tap shoes on the dance-floor. Our fun rhythm-based class is designed to develop your child’s rhythm, balance, coordination and confidence. 

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Dinky Disco

Children from the age of 18 months can join our Dinky Disco classes at Zapphire.

Our classes incorporate a rhythmic and percussive style of dance. The use of current chart music as well as past popular children's music makes this class accessible to every ability and every young disco dancer.


Our Dinky Disco class involves runs, spins, kicks and leaps as well as many other steps and movements, with lots of different arm and hand actions. This high-energy class teaches jazz technique with choreography that is far from boring! Students can build confidence, learn new skills and focusing on balance, co-ordination and teamwork.

Use of props in Dinky Disco engage young children in the class and sometimes we feel that even very shy children can have a boost in confidence if they have something hold! Props include Musical Instruments, Pom Poms, Ribbons, Hats, Bubbles, Scarves, Material, Picnic Baskets.

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Pre-Primary Ballet & Tap

Students already enrolled in our Tutu Ballet & Dinky Disco classes can move up to our Pre-Primary Ballet and Tap classes from the age of 3 years. 

​We still keep the magic alive in our Pre-Primary classes where learning is always fun and creativity is always encouraged. 

Our Pre-Primary Ballet & Tap classes Introduce students to the basic fundamentals of dance and the ISTD Syllabus. We encourage girls and boys to work on their dancing in a fun and a nurturing environment. Students can also take exams and receive awards with the International Dance Rewards.

In Ballet, Our classes involve barre work where we teach a number of exercises to improve posture, increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility. The second half of the class takes part in the centre, focusing on control and mastering the basic steps of ballet. We always finish the class with a fun exercise using some familiar props to add to the imagination and creativity of the class. 

In Tap, students increase their knowledge on rhythm and co-ordination, starting off with learning Tap Technique and by picking up the sounds and their names. Simple rhyming is also used to remember the rhythms and build up to simple steps – both on the spot in the centre and travelling steps. Tap is a fun and high energy class. Props are encouraged in Pre-Primary on occasions when learning new rhythms and for routines and performances.

Why Join Zapphire?


Our classes are created to encourage young children to become active from an early age. 


We aim to educate our students in all different types of musical genres. Singing and Music is a big part of Zapphire.


At Zapphire, we love what we do and that is why we bring fun and excitement to every class.


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