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Our Fantastic  Commercial Dance/  Street & Freestyle classes take place in our studio and at Primary & Secondary Schools in Surrey.

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Commercial Dance & Freestyle/Street 

At Zapphire we run our Freestyle, Street Dance and Contemporary classes at Primary Schools in Surrey. Weekly classes also run at our dance school with our passionate instructors. 

Commercial Dance is such a popular style around! Commercial is the style of choreography you will see in pop videos, music concerts and on TV. It’s a combination of different styles including Jazz, Street, Hip Hop, lyrical and Street.

In class, student will :

  • Take part in a physical warm up & stretch & cool down each lesson

  • Develop coordination and musicality skills, gaining confidence along the way

  • Learning short choreographed routines & dance technique including kicks, turns, travelling steps & rhythms.

  • A break down of steps and learning an understanding of dance terminology

  • Take part in Events, Shows & given opportunities to perform or audition for London productions and shows.

  • Will qualify to receive IDR Awards which include assessments, certificates and badges. 

  • Will have the option to take meal examinations with the IDTA

Our dance classes at Zapphire will teach you a combination of all of the above increasing your knowledge of dance and improving self esteem and most of all an enjoyment and love for dance.

Classes are held in a fun, friendly and rewarding environment, meeting new friends and a professional choreographer that will bring fun and energy into learning.

We all love to dance and our classes are suitable for all ages and ability. Its not about being perfect because Improvement takes time. It’s about the experience, feeling and enjoying it. 

Our Junior Class

Our Junior class is suitable for children age 6-10 years.

Our Senior Class

Our Senior class is suitable for children age 11-16 years.

Students are also encouraged to express themselves through improvisation and freestyling, performing to friends and family at the end of each term. 

If you would like to join us for a FREE TRIAl, please get in touch!


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