Tutu Ballet

Age 18 months- 4 years

Class emphasis on confidence, imagination and creativity!


At the early stages, ballet classes are full of fun – using imaginative and creative movement to provide an exciting way of discovering dance. This action-packed class teaches young children the basic ballet terminology and exercises. Popular imaginary choreography dances create a magical class, perfect for any little dancer. This class involves the use of props and each student can learn the fundamentals of ballet in a safe, fun and friendly environment. Students can progress from that first plié to a pirouette.

Our Classes at Trinity Oaks C of E Primary School have become our most popular class at the school for Children under the age of 3 years.


Drawing on her wealth of experience from teaching, our Tutu Ballet Classes designed by Charlotte are perfect for youngsters who are new to dance and looking for a fun class with exciting use of props such as musical instruments, ribbons, wings, fairy wands, scarves, soft toys and bubbles to encourage the use of imagination and creativity. Each class begins with students sitting in front of their own little tutu. We all wait for the music together and step into the wonderful world of dance and imagination. 

Dinky Disco

Age 16 months - 4 years. Our Dinky Disco Classes incorporate a rhythmic and percussive style of dance. The use of current chart music as well as past popular music makes this class accessible to every ability and every young disco dancer.


Our Dinky Disco class involves runs, spins, kicks and leaps as well as many other steps and movements, with lots of different arm and hand actions. The use of props such as pom poms, scarves and ribbons entertain our young students while still maintaining a structured class fitted to each of the students unique style of dance. This high-energy class teaches jazz technique with choreography that is far from boring! Teachers work with each student on their individual level. Students build confidence, learn new skills and focusing on balance, co-ordination and teamwork.


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