Our Timetable


Join us in Horley 

4pm - Tutu Ballet

4.30pm - Dinky Disco

5pm- Mini Cheer

5.30pm Acro

Private Singing Lessons 3.30-7.30pm


Join us at Trinity Oaks Primary School 

3.45pm - Tutu Ballet

4.15pm - Dinky Disco

4.45pm - Pre Primary Ballet

5.15pm Primary Ballet

5.45pm Primary Tap

Join us in Redhill


4pm-4.45pm Drama

After School Clubs @

Trinity Oaks 

Royal Alexandra & Albert School


Join us at Trinity Oaks Primary School.

4.15pm - Allstar Cheer 

5.15pm - Infinity Cheer

Join us in Redhill

6pm- Aerial Arts


Join us in Redhill

9am - Mini Cheer

9.30am -Legacy Cheer Squad

10.30am-Tutu Ballet

11.am - Tutu Tap

11.30am Prim Ballet & Tap

12.15pm Grade 1 Ballet

12.45pm - Grade 1 Tap

1.15pm - Elite Cheer 

Join us In Epsom 

10am- Mini Cheer

10.30am - Xtreme Cheer


Join us in Redhill

4pm- Tutu Ballet

4.30pm - Dinky Disco

Private Singing lessons



Join us in Redhill

Private Singing Lessons


5.30pm - Street/Commercial

6.15pm - Hip-Hop

Term Dates 

End of Term - 7th December 2019 


Start of Term - 6th January 2020 

Members: Please see latest newsletter via email regarding watching week dates. 

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